Dennis McNannay, CEO


CEO, innovator, strategic planner, fundraiser, industry advocate, team leader, critical thinker, competitive analyst, product evangelist, race car driver, downhill skier, scuba diver, dog lover.

A serial entrepreneur, Dennis embraces the inherent challenges of bringing new products to market. With a broad base of knowledge and experience ranging from software development to healthcare, digital publishing to bioscience, Dennis has applied his cross-industry expertise to address the challenges of medication adherence.

John Ruble, Technology


Healthcare IT expert, software developer, project manager, data integrator, best practices enforcer, application customizer, new hire mentor, dog lover, mountain climber.

From managing healthcare IT teams for the third largest healthcare organization in the U.S. to planning, developing and implementing software plans for small startups, John brings a rich background to Curadite: Agile Transformation, Project Management, Process Control, Software Design, SQL Server, SQL, .Net, C#, C/C++, XML, XSLT, Yardi Systems data schema and application customization and integration, legacy data conversion.

Dewey Nigma, Hardware


Operations manager, engineering leader, medical device innovator, supply chain optimizer, production process developer, manufacturability analyst, white water rafter, beer aficianado.

Feeding his tenacious drive for quality Dewey applies lean/six sigma tools to ensure on-schedule market delivery of products with the highest reliability.

Jody McNannay, Marketing/Business Development


Business developer, writer, editor, photographer, event planner, industry research specialist, facilitator, snow skier, animal lover, traveler.

Working with a patient advocates, medical research centers, government agencies, translational research institutes and entrepreneurs, Jody combines strategic relationship building with cohesive market and brand strategy to position Curadite in the growing medication adherence market.

Dale Stickney, Partnering


Strategic analyst, partnering innovator, fearless marketer, intrepid investor, innovation evangelist, 49ers fan, sailor, sun worshiper, dedicated dad,

A true professional who excels in creating new and emerging markets, Dale tenaciously pursues and supports partnership opportunities in both the public and private sectors. Having played an integral part in raising initial capital money for eight successful start-up companies that are currently public, Dale brings expertise in the areas of strategic analysis, marketing, sales and corporate finance.