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Intelligent packaging enables healthcare managers to monitor and record a medication’s life cycle, from dispensing through responsible disposal.


By monitoring and recording medication dispensing events, healthcare workers and administrators are assured that medication events are transparent and secure.


With intelligent packaging, wireless communication and a cloud-based dashboard, we ensure that medication events are always available for review.

Long Term Care Facilities

Specialty Pharmacy

   Epilepsy   Support

Medication Management

The Long Term Care industry is facing problems with both controlled substance diversion and medication adherence; creating challenges for administrators. This healthcare industry is ready for change. Curadite has the solution:

  • We support healthcare workers and administrators. Healthcare workers can focus on patient care rather than pill counts, and administrators can seamlessly deter controlled substances (e.g. opioids) diversion
  • We monitor and record the controlled substance lifecycle—from dispensing through disposal
  • We replace manual, error prone processes with IoT-enabled packaging and a cloud-based dashboard
  • Our Medication Management Platform supports at-home tracking of both controlled substances and medication adherence

Value-based care

Specialty drugs ($6000/yr or more) account for less than two percent of all U.S. outpatient prescription, yet they account for 37 percent of pharmacy revenue. Curadite helps ensuring these drugs are taken as prescribed.

  • We support Specialty Pharmacies—responsible for fulfilling and managing these drugs—with intelligent, unit dose packaging that tracks adherence
  • Curadite accelerates adoption by integrating with existing pharmacy infrastructure
  • Our compatibility with rapid adoption of new packaging technologies without disrupting current workflows.
  • Curadite supports the core value proposition with improved medical outcomes, leading to fewer dollars spent.

Peace of Mind

Remembering to take medication is a real challenge. On average, 50% of Americans fail to take their medication as directed. For those taking anti-epileptic drugs, it’s often necessary to be adherent 95 percent of the time—or more—to achieve seizure control. Curadite can help:

  • We use simple, modular, intelligent packaging that tracks when medication needs to be taken
  • We send gentle reminders when patients forget to take their medication
  • We let loved ones know if when little extra support is needed, and we can updates when medication has been taken.
  • We record adherence in real time, providing cloud-based access for physicians.
    Remembering to take your medication just gets easier with Curadite.


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