The Foundational technology

What does a CuraPac do?

Cloud services

Cloud based data storage allows for information to be accessed and evaluated quickly and easily. 

User friendly hardware

With easy to use packaging and a straightforward web-based interface, getting started is easy.

Timely results

Rapid responses by our software lead to enhanced tracking of medications through their lifecycle. 

Blockchain assisted

We utilize blockchain principles to increase security and enhance authentication.

Our markets

We automate existing, manual processes (pill counts, drug logs), so healthcare workers can focus on patient care and administrators can seamlessly deter controlled substance diversion. 

The controlled substance lifecycle is monitored and recorded–from the time medication is dispensed through disposal.

Long Term CAre Pharmacy

Having successfully competed for funds from the National Epilepsy Foundation, Curadite is developing a medication adherence pilot that provides patients with intelligent packaging and adherence reminders.

While the platform provides alerts for caregivers, neurology teams will utilize our cloud-based dashboard to improve patient outcomes. 


We Curadite’s intelligent, unit dose packaging seamlessly integrates with existing pharmacy infrastructure to help specialty pharmacies improve patient outcomes through improved medication adherence.

Complex, high cost specialty medications (Cancer, MS and Epilepsy) are driving demand for improved outcomes for all prescription medications.

SpeCialty Pharmacy

possibilities 2

Working in the long term care and specialty pharmaceutical markets has enabled Curadite to demonstrate the flexibility of our intelligent packaging to provide minimal workflow disruption to the product supply chain.

We welcome the opportunity to explore how we can partner to improve outcomes in your organization.

Future markets

“Sticking to your medication routine (or medication adherence) means taking your medications as prescribed – the right dose, at the right time, in the right way and frequency. Why is doing these things important? Simply put, not taking your medicine as prescribed by a doctor or instructed by a pharmacist could lead to your disease getting worse, hospitalization, even death.”


Our mission

To enhance the lives of patients and their caregivers, improve health outcomes, and support responsible medication utilization with our intuitive medication management solutions.

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