Improving Supply Chains for
Regulated Industries

Value Proposition

Every package has a story—stories about improving health, ensuring safety, automating regulatory compliance, preventing fraud, and increasing efficiency. Intelligent packaging improves transparency, quality and safety.

For regulated industries in particular, the need to record both chain of custody and product use throughout the product lifecycle is critical–from manufacture to installation, and even, in some cases, to product retirement. By recording the chain of custody for every  package, all aspects of the product life cycle, including product creation, distribution, use patterns and installation are available for review by authorized parties.

Product Provenance

The manufacturer captures and records essential parts data: part identification, date of manufacture, lot number, etc.

Chain of Custody

Each step in the package supply chain journey is recorded: shipping, receiving, inventory, and distribution


When the packaged goods are put into service, all historic and usage data is automatically appended to the planes airworthiness record.

“”With the nature and scale of the manual process, airlines are often unable to evaluate the quality of decisions. A more automated process not only facilitates high-quality decisions 100% of the time, it also captures all the decision data so that it can be tracked and analyzed.”

Opinion: How Automation Can Improve Aircraft Parts Purchasing
Erkki Brakmann September 09, 2021

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