Medication adherence is challenging

Curadite can help


(cure ● uh ● dee ● tay)

it: abbi cura di te: take care of yourself

Curadite empowers patients, clinicians, caregivers and family members to work together with the support of our intelligently linked, proactive medication adherence platform.


Unlike earlier, unsuccessful technology solutions, Curadite is using recent innovations in communication to lay the foundation for real time communication. When a patient opens a well in the sensor enabled, disposable CuraPac, a message is sent via the cellular-based communication module—CuraCast—and the event is recorded. The platform also communicates reminders, education and rewards via text and robo-calls. receives notification from the and forwards education and real-time reminders, enabling Curadite to fully support patient’s efforts to maintain their medication regimens.


Patients are encouraged to create a support team made up of friends, family members and clinicians. With real-time data available, clinicians and caretakers can provide with timely, meaningful support. Curadite also delivers targeted health education to patients and their caregivers. This offers clinicians the opportunity to reinforce healthy choices and patients the flexibility to access and consume the materials at their own pace.


The Curadite platform transforms the simple plastic pill box into a cellular enabled blister pack that tracks patient engagement in real-time. Compliance is supported with personalized text/call reminders using 4G cellular technology. With the introduction of a real-time dashboard, each patient’s unique interaction and patterns are recording, enabling Curadite to provide support each patient’s unique journey. Recognizing that patient motivations vary, Curadite has also created an incentive strategy that rewards patients for actively taking part in their personal medication journey.


Empowering and motivating patients to improve their medication adherence is central to the Curadite platform. Studies have shown that patients are frequently overwhelmed when presented with health related medical information. Our education module delivers health related material a variety of formats—from brief, targeted text messages and simple A/B quizzes to short videos and healthy lifestyle emails.