Medication management is challenging

Curadite can help


(cure ● uh ● dee ● tay)

it: abbi cura di te: take care of yourself


Curadite empowers patients, clinicians, caregivers and family members to work together with the support of our intelligently linked, proactive medication management platform.

Adherence Support

● Medication reminders encourage patients to take their medication as prescribed.
● Alerts provide peace of mind for caregivers, allowing them to provide appropriate
support for family members and patients.
● Web-based monitoring allows clinicians to track patient medication adherence.

Digital Innovation

● Cloud-based digital platform replaces time-consuming, manual pill counts, like those
used to track controlled substances in Skilled Nursing Facilities
● Intelligent, unit-dose packaging records dispensing events in real time.
● Patient portal provides real-time medication adherence digital records for patient,
caregiver and healthcare team review.
● Deters diversion and reduces compliance risk for administrators and healthcare


● Transparent monitoring from the time medication is dispensed until it is disposed.
● Digital audits initiated by facility managers when diversion is suspected.
● Data analytics used to improve patient outcomes.
● Administrative recordkeeping is streamlined.

EHR Integration

● Designed for integration with existing Electronic Health Record (EHR) and Electronic
Medication Administration Record (eMAR) systems.
● Monitors and records when medication is administered.
● Identifies and reports potential non-adherence and diversion.
● Supports patient health and controlled substance diversion.


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