Medication management is challenging

Curadite can help


(cure ● uh ● dee ● tay)

it: abbi cura di te: take care of yourself

Curadite empowers patients, clinicians, caregivers and family members to work together with the support of our intelligently linked, proactive medication management platform.


Curadite's medication management platform takes advantage of recent innovations to lay the foundation for real time communication. When a patient or caregiver opens a well in the sensor enabled, disposable CuraPac, the event is recorded and sent via the cellular-based communication module—CuraCast—and the event is recorded. For patients who receive in-home care, the platform provides medication reminders, to the patient and/or care taker via text, email and robo-call.


Patients are encouraged to create a support team made up of friends, family and clinicians. Working together, the entire team can access and utilize real-time data to track and monitor medication access. Curadite’s Medication Management Platform (MMP), provides the entire team with timely, meaningful support for patient medication management. In addition to reminders for patients and caregivers, the MMP can also deliver target health information and education. This offers clinicians the opportunity to reinforce healthy choices and patients the flexibility to access and consume the materials at their own pace.


Though initially designed as a medication adherence platform, Curadite’s Medication Management Platform (MMP) now supports several, broader medication tracking challenges that have arisen from our nation’s Opioid Crisis. The platform links a modular set of intelligent packaging components and wireless communicators to an efficient, scalable, multi-tenant cloud platform; the MMP analyzes, responds to, and reports on medication fulfillment, transportation, and dispensing events in near-real time while replacing manual pill count signature logs.


Replacing the simple plaster pill box with a cellular enabled blister pack that tracks medication utilization in real time, Curadite’s Medication Management Platform (MMP) provides the necessary tools for health facilities to monitor the flow of medication, in near real-time. The MMP supports those responsible for diversion prevention of controlled substances with transparent monitoring and recording of each dose—from the time the prescription is filled by the pharmacy, throughout it’s use, until it is responsibly disposed. Over time, the accumulated data creates the opportunity to improve patient outcomes, better manage healthcare cost and change treatment strategies with the use of advanced data analytics techniques.